Walk Off The Grid!

My mission is to help people get great results from solar technology.  A lot of solar enthusiasts would love to get green energy that’s affordable and under their control, but for whatever reason can’t install big solar panels on their property.   Maybe you’re just looking for technology that will keep you safe in an emergency or for camping, maybe you’re homeless or your grid electricity has been cut off – you can make a small start towards energy independence by taking some simple first steps, and I’m here to help you take the smartest steps – bypassing products that are over-priced and/or of poor quality.   If you’re shelling out your hard-earned cash, you want devices that work reliably for a long time.   Most small solar technology under $100 is going to put out very little light, might not produce and store enough energy to even charge your cell phone daily, might not last very long.


Please check out my reviews of customer friendly tech devices, and enjoy learning about solar from my curated list of videos that I found wandering around the interwebs 🙂