I Lost Almost My Entire Annual Stevia Crop Over One Mistake!

Talk about heart-breaking! 2021 was the first year that I grew Stevia, and I was really looking forward to being able to provide this to my husband, since he uses a lot of stevia for tea! But alas, my stevia-dreams died due to a weird mistake.

During Thanksgiving dinner my sister knocked a small, thin-walled glass pumpkin ornament to the floor, where it shattered. The mess was swept up and thrown away. Long story you don’t care about, but most of my stevia crop – the leaves from our several plants – ended up being swept up off of the floor about a week later, using the same broom and dustpan. Not by me, of course. After drying the leaves completely, I started to grind the leaves up into a powder, and noticed some tiny glass shards in the mix!! It was a couple tiny pieces of that shattered glass pumpkin, which got into the stevia leaves somehow during that sweeping up process. It’s just not safe to keep any of that stevia, since I can’t tell if there’s any glass still in there.

There’s no moral to this story, just sharing a bad mistake. Though maybe if I had included a certain someone much more in the progress of this plant, they might not have swept this stuff up with a contaminated broom & dust pan?

6 thoughts on “I Lost Almost My Entire Annual Stevia Crop Over One Mistake!

  1. I’m now testing a comment to Kathleen’s blog when I am still logged into WORPRESS, after having added the latest comments to Cathy’s post. So, once you have entered a comment and logged in it leaves you logged in until you log out. On more experiment to go.


  2. It rejected my previous comment. I’ll see if I can briefly describe what happened. I was still logged in to WORDPRESS based on the requirement for previous comment posts. But there was a line below the comment box that allowed me to log out of WORDPRESS (or change my login) I choose logout.

    It then brought back the box asking for my email which I tried to enter but comment got rejected. When it returned to the comment it then had that line about logout or change again, but when I tried to post comment, it again rejected my comment and kept rejecting it until I just exited the browser tab and started over with this comment.

    So, not sure if this can be altered, but seems it wants commenter to have a WORDPRESS account.

    We might want to see if we can find someone who does NOT have a WORDPRESS account and see if it will let them comment?? See you Wednesday. Jan


  3. strange, but it took that last post without asking me to log in even though I am not logged in?????? I’m am completely confused now.. I’ll try this post again (NOT logged in) and see what happens.. Promise this is the last time I’ll try this for now.


  4. Kathleen’s keeps saying it’s waiting on her to approve the comment. Cathy’s did not do that. Kathleen’s did not ask me to log in either??? but Cathy’s did?


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